Euchre news now shifting to Facebook

I’ve created a Facebook page for Android Euchre.

Check it out!

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Euchre 2.3.3 release

I’ve just released Euchre 2.3.3. Included in this version is tablet support! I’ve tested on Honeycomb and Gingerbread (my hacked HP TouchPad) as well as the Kindle Fire. I hope you like it!

I plan on adding landscape support sometime in the future, keep your eyes peeled.

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TonidoPlug2 nbench benchmark results

I picked up a TonidoPlug2 to act as my development server. So far I’m happy with it – other than nobody has any idea how to build a new kernel for it. It runs Debian Squeeze but you can replace it with whatever you want. Here are the benchmark results after running nbench

BYTEmark* Native Mode Benchmark ver. 2 (10/95)
Index-split by Andrew D. Balsa (11/97)
Linux/Unix* port by Uwe F. Mayer (12/96,11/97)

TEST : Iterations/sec. : Old Index : New Index
: : Pentium 90* : AMD K6/233*
NUMERIC SORT : 264.48 : 6.78 : 2.23
STRING SORT : 24.621 : 11.00 : 1.70
BITFIELD : 6.598e+07 : 11.32 : 2.36
FP EMULATION : 54.018 : 25.92 : 5.98
FOURIER : 231.85 : 0.26 : 0.15
ASSIGNMENT : 3.136 : 11.93 : 3.10
IDEA : 673.8 : 10.31 : 3.06
HUFFMAN : 353.63 : 9.81 : 3.13
NEURAL NET : 0.32701 : 0.53 : 0.22
LU DECOMPOSITION : 10.731 : 0.56 : 0.40
==========================ORIGINAL BYTEMARK RESULTS==========================
Baseline (MSDOS*) : Pentium* 90, 256 KB L2-cache, Watcom* compiler 10.0
==============================LINUX DATA BELOW===============================
L2 Cache :
OS : Linux
C compiler : gcc version 4.4.5 (Debian 4.4.5-8)
libc :$W5 (Debian 4.4.5-8)
Baseline (LINUX) : AMD K6/233*, 512 KB L2-cache, gcc, libc-5.4.38
* Trademarks are property of their respective holder.

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Analysis of Euchre card shuffling

Some of you seem to think that the shuffling in my Euchre game is how shall we say, unfair? Shuffling a deck is pretty simple stuff, so I’ve always been a little suspect of those claims. Maybe the random number generator I was using wasn’t that good? What if my algorithm had flaws in it?

I wrote a test case for it and performed 100,000 shuffles. I then counted up how many times you were dealt each card. If the shuffling was good, all the numbers should be roughly the same. Here are the results:

You Left Opponent Partner Right Opponent
Ace 83059 83640 83344 83236
9 83469 83125 83009 83713
10 83116 83260 83407 83739
Jack 83710 82848 83360 83222
Queen 83445 83392 83711 83101
King 83201 83735 83169 82989

So you can clearly see that the shuffling is statistically random. Added up it equals 2,000,000 cards worth (100,000 shuffles * 20 cards/shuffle). Looks pretty fair to me!

So all you people who think you always get 9s and 10s – you don’t!

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Smart Euchre, now available for your iPhone/iPod/iPad!

Now you can enjoy Euchre not only on your Android device, but your iPhone as well!

It’s called Smart Euchre and features the same AI and interface.

Download the free version here

And the ad-free version here

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Euchre cheats?

A lot of you seem to have the impression that Euchre cheats and the computer’s play off of each other’s hands. I don’t know how I can reaffirm this, but they don’t cheat. They keep track of what is played and use that knowledge when deciding what to do. It’s everything a smart human player should do too.

If you want to discuss, send me an email or send me a tweet to @ToddJeffreys

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Euchre for iOS coming soon!

I’ve finished the iOS Euchre port. It’s going to be called Smart Euchre. Look for it in the Apple Market shortly!

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Euchre 1.12 released

Euchre 1.12 is now live on the Market. Several users have noted that the call selection dialog would cover the tops of their cards, and this has been (finally) fixed in this version. I also fixed a statistics bug where the number of stuck calls won could end up higher than the number of stuck calls.


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Euchre 1.8 now available on the Market

I’ve posted an update to Euchre, bringing the version up to 1.8. New features in this build include a new computer AI setting – call style. You can control whether they’ll take risky calls or not. So if you’re complaining about them getting euchred too easily, just change their play style to cautious.
There was a fix to the AI going-alone logic so that they won’t call alone when all they need are two points to win. They also won’t pickup alone to their opponents when the top card is the right bauer! Thanks to the users for pointing this out to me.


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Euchre – wow!

Thanks to EVERYBODY for downloading and trying my app! The user response has been amazing. I’m absolutely flabbergasted at how quickly it has grown with no marketing whatsoever. So to the users – THANK YOU!

Some of you already have, but please let me know if you have any feature requests!

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